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Centre's Profile

Origin and Establishment

Way back in 1952 i.e., almost with the inception of planning in India, the idea was mooted to establish Agro-Economic Research Centre for each state to serve as the catalyst of region specific agricultural transformation. It was one of the earliest institutional efforts to propagate and interweave knowledge based farming to a specific region.

The idea was soon translated with the setting up of a set of four Agro-Economic Research Centres in 1954. It was decided upon that one Agro-Economic Research Centre for every state would be set up in stages. The Agro-Economic Research Centre for Bihar was set up as late as on 30th March 1996 pursuant to the Gazette Notification No 5-6/84-RC-ES/EA dated 01-12/03/1996 made by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi, sanctioned by the President of India. Obviously in terms of waiting period, Bihar had to suffer the birth pangs for forty four long years. In terms of position, Bihar was pushed lower down to number fifteen. Prior to the inception of this Centre, agro-economic problems related to a large state like Bihar (undivided), with different agro-economic zones, were covered by Agro-Economic Research Centres of Vishwa-Bharati and Allahabad.

The honour of bearing the 11th child of the policy of "One Agro-Economic Research Centre for Every State" has been stolen by T M Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar. T M Bhagalpur University had a long tradition of teaching and research in rural problems under the University Department of Rural Economics & Co-operation and its tradition facilitated, rather clinched the issue in favour of the choice of T M Bhagalpur University as the location of
Agro-Economic Research Centre for Bihar & Jharkhand.

Aims, Objectives, Functions & Scope

The AERC, T. M. Bhagalpur University has been assigned the following functions by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India :-

  • To conduct investigation into specific agro-economic problems which are of special interest to the Ministry either at micro or macro level.

  • To carry out research works on structural changes and fundamental problems of Agricultural Economics and  Rural Development of the country; and

  • To give technical advice to the Union Government and States on such issues as with mutual agreement may be referred to them.

Besides, the Centre will also conduct ad-hoc investigations into problems in which the State or Central Government is specially interested.

Area of Operation

The area of operation of the Agro-Economic Research Centre, T. M. Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur is the states of Bihar & Jharkhand. Prior to the inception of the Centre, Agro-Economic problems related to undivided Bihar State were covered by AERC, Vishwa-Bharati and AERC, Allahabad.

Staffing Pattern

The staffing pattern of the Centre as approved by the Empowered Committee of the Ministry consists of 26 Technical and Non-Technical staff. But at the initial stage, appointment of only 7 Technical and 4 Non - Technical staff, viz. Director - 1, Deputy Director - 1, Research Officers - 2, Research Associates - 3, and Office Superintendent - 1, Accounts Assistant - 1, Typist - 1 and Peon - 1 was approved by the Ministry which have already been filled up.


As per directives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, the centre has a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide technical guidance and monitor research performance of the Centre. The Committee consists of Economic & Statistical Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Agricultural Production Commissioner/ Secretary of Government of Bihar and Jharkhand besides three expert members from the discipline of Economics/Agricultural Economics. The Director of the Centre is the Convener and the Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman  of the Committee. The day-to-day administration of the Centre is carried out by the Director and the Registrar of the University is the drawing and disbursing officer of the Centre. All other administrative aspects of the Centre are subject to the same statutory provisions as are applicable to other limbs of the University. For this purpose, it was laid down as one of the pre-conditions that the Centre would function as a separate department of the University, already notified by T. M. Bhagalpur University (Notification No. 101/99 dated 21.05.99) and as such, the staff of the Centre are at par with regular employees of the University and they are subject to the same terms and conditions as applicable to other regular staff.

Research Activities

The nascent Centre for Bihar has done a creditable job during the short span of existence. The Centre has just completed sixteen years of inception with full of research activities. During the short span, the Centre has undertaken various studies of national importance. A year-wise profile of research activities of Agro-Economic Research Centre for Bihar & Jharkhand may be seen at activities


AERC for Bihar and Jharkhand, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur
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